My Background:

I was raised in the beautiful city of Colorado Springs, Colorado and grew up along side two wonderful siblings. I had some unique elementary education experiences. I attended public school in Colorado's Academy School District 20, and my elementary school was The Da Vinci Academy which placed an emphasis on "arts and ideas." I took a break from Da Vinci in fourth grade to attend "The School in the Woods;" a public school for fourth graders in the district that selected students via lottery system.

My early education experiences reflect my lifelong interests regarding art, nature, leadership, and academia. 

As I moved into high school I grew heavily involved in student government and theatre. I held positions from Thespian troupe president to student body president. When I first began college at Texas Christian University (go frogs) I knew I was going to graduate and move to New York or LA to be an actor. The more time I spent in the classroom the more I came to enjoy the pursuit of knowledge. I got more and more exposure to social science through various classes like 'US Schooling and American Society,' and 'The Philosophy and Science of Social Justice.' I declared a sociology minor and my interests continued to grow. The bounds of my interests and ambitions seem to expand everyday despite my constant efforts to focus them. After a lot of reflection, I now feel that the best way I can serve the world around me is in academia. I truly believe that most all issues facing humanity today have social and communicative dimensions that need to be understood to solve these big big problems. I think educating individuals about the social realm, and furthering the field through research, would be rewarding, challenging, and important work. So, I strive everyday to cultivate my intellect, and I plan to continue to do so throughout my entire life, even after I achieve my professional goals. 

Like all people, there is much much more to me than just my professional life and aspirations. Outside of the work I do, I love spending time with my friends, running, lifting weights, hiking, watching superhero movies, going to galleries and pretending I know more than I do about the art, watching plays & movies, and reading.

Fast Facts:

-Senior at Texas Christian University (BFA Theatre emphasis in acting, minor in sociology, member of the John V. Roach Honors College)

-Certified Bartender

-Strong research skills

-Strong communication skills (verbal and written)

-Knows what the word "ekphrastic" means

-Enjoys public speaking

-Proud owner of a 2013 Nissan Xterra

-Air Force Brat (father just retired as Colonel Lattanzi)

-Middle child

-Top 5 StengthsQuest Themes:






-Self-taught guitarist