This page includes detailed information on projects and assignments from my coursework as I pursue my MA in Communication, Culture, and Technology at Georgetown. 

Fall 2020

My Avatar


My avatar relates to my keyword, “stories,” through three avenues. The first is form. Rockets are instruments of discovery that capture the imagination of those who see them. They conjure thoughts of humans and technology, narratives, the future, and science-- interests of mine. This particular rocket doesn't look too serious, but that doesn't mean it shouldn't be taken seriously. The second avenue is icons. The rocket houses three symbolic constellations. The question mark represents my commitment to exploring the world of stories through stories. The clock demonstrates my wonder in how stories take us away from here and now. The third depicts social networks and deals with the relationship forming power of stories. The final avenue is utility. Throughout the semester I will fill the rocket with timestamped quotes and profound ideas I encounter and in December I will reflect on them and my intellectual development, thus inviting change.

Word Count: 149