Sunday at the Kimbell

This was my final project for my course with Dr. Jeff Ferrell titled, "Applied Social Research: Ethnography." This was a highly phenomenological project in which I studied The Kimbell Art Museum in Fort Worth's cultural district through ethnographic immersion, content analysis, and some amateur photo-documentary work. This project taught me how I interact with the world as an ethnographer, and what I need to do to use the method appropriately and productively. 


Gender Social Groups and Oppression

This was my final essay for my "Philosophy and Science of Social Justice" honors class in Spring 2018 with Dr. Mikio Akagi. The prompt for the paper was to take any claim that had been made in the course readings and relate it to an outside source to either, critique, refute, or justify the claim. My outside source was Barbie Girls vs Sea Monsters: Children Constructing Gender by Michael A. Messner. This project really got me comfortable with picking apart every single aspect of an argument to gain a complete understanding of complicated texts. 


Improvisation Training and Communication In and Out of Natural Science

The goal of this project was to develop a research-based and use-inspired educational program that attempts to reorient/innovate instruction in undergraduate “common core” natural science classes. The final result is a three day “master class” for natural science faculty, graduate students, TAs, and undergraduate students that is informed by improvisational theatre (improv) techniques for communication and public speaking. The class is informed by four literature reviews that relate to improvisational theatre, applied improv, natural science pedagogy (and PowerPoint) and symbolic convergence theory.  The master class includes interactive lectures, group discussions, improv exercises, and most importantly, games that help build improv skills and exemplify how the principles of the art form are applicable in a classroom environment. The “final” for the course is a presentation on a complicated and field specific concept made accessible to the public while maintaining accuracy.


I presented this as a poster presentation at the 2019 National Collegiate Honors Council Conference in New Orleans! Here is a link to a PDF of the poster, for a copy of the full report, please reach out via the "Contact Me" page.


Dating and Courtship in the 21st Century

This is an overview of a presentation I gave for my sociology of marriage and family class on dating and courtship. The attached document includes an overview, outline, and key terms for the hour and twenty minute presentation.


Marc Chagall's White Crucifixion as a Reflection of the Jewish Experience

This paper was for "World Religion Through the Arts" with Dr. Sage Elwell. The prompt was fairly open ended. Our task was to analyze how a work of art reflected the experience of a religion.