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Grant Lattanzi

Research professional
Grant writer
 (yes! A grant writenamed grant.)
Media theorist

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Hi, I'm Grant.


I conduct research, write grants, and talk about media.


I have 5 years of experience applying qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods research for a variety of purposes from understanding US voters' news consumption behavior during the 2020 election to assessing teletherapy efficacy. As a media theorist, I conduct independent research on how meaning is constructed in everyday life through, with, and alongside communication and media technologies.  

For more on my work as a research professional, check out my CV.  

Curious about media theory? Check out my podcast: Media, Culture, & Why we feel like crying so much


I'm a research professional and media theorist interested in the intersection of digital media technology and everyday life. I'm particularly interested in the implications of these technologies on community and individual well-being and civic engagement.


Before I began my work as a researcher, I was an actor for 6 years and hold a bachelor of fine arts in acting. During my undergraduate studies, I realized that what I loved about theatre wasn't the act of performing but  theatre's ability to serve as a method and medium to explore human behavior and relationships. 


In pursuit of further ways to explore social action , I continued my studies at  Georgetown University for my MA in Communication, Culture, and Technology (CCT). Through my coursework and research  appointments, I developed extensive experience with social scientific research methods that I used to write two peer-reviewed publications where I employed modified ethnographic methods to answer questions at the intersection of digital media, temporality, and the COVID-19 pandemic. I also taught courses on interdisciplinary research methods and critical media theory, and presented at six conferences including national meetings of the Midwestern Political Science Association and the American Sociological Association. 


I now use my theatre training to creatively communicate my research to stakeholders in a variety of contexts whether it is my current work conducting research at a nonprofit mental health agency to my podcast, Media, Culture, and Why we feel like crying so much or my exhibition of documentary photos from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Thanks for stopping by my website! Be sure to hit my line on the contact page if you want to talk research, media theory, or grant writing. 

Grant Lattanzi

March 2023

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