Grant Lattanzi

Qualitative Researcher
& Digital Media Specialist

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I use qualitative research methods and  multimedia communication to ask questions about the impacts of the Internet and other communication technologies on daily life. 


Some questions from my past projects include:

  • How can digital media be leveraged to optimize outcomes for pediatric teletherapy?

  • How are cultures and subcultures influenced by disruptive technologies?

  • How do digital technologies impact the ways people use their time?

  • How can people make better use of digital technology to tell stories?

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My background for:

  • UX research clients

  • Artists & Designers

  • Consulting clients

My background for:

  • Hiring managers

  • Recruiters

  • Resume reading programs

My background for:

  • Academics, libraries, museums, think tanks, and archives.


Hi :) My name is Grant Lattanzi. I'm a qualitative researcher and multimedia artist interested in the intersection of digital technology, well-being, and daily life. 


Before I began my work as a research professional, I was an actor for 9 years and hold a bachelor of fine arts in acting. During my undergraduate studies, I realized that what I loved about theatre wasn't the act of performing but  theatre's ability to serve as a method and medium to explore human behavior and relationships. 


In pursuit of further ways to explore social action , I continued my studies at  Georgetown University for my MA in Communication, Culture, and Technology (CCT). Through my coursework and research  appointments, I had developed extensive experience with social scientific research methods that I used to write two peer-reviewed publications where I employed modified ethnographic methods to answer questions at the intersection of digital media, temporality, and the COVID-19 pandemic. I also taught courses on interdisciplinary research methods and critical media theory, and presented at six conferences including national meetings of the Midwestern Political Science Association and the American Sociological Association. 


I now use my theatre training to creatively communicate my research to stakeholders in a variety of contexts whether it is at my job conducting interviews and focus groups with licensed therapists to assess the efficacy of teletherapy or my exhibition of documentary photos from the COVID-19 pandemic.


I am happy to say I have officially relocated to New York City and am accepting clients for contract appointments! The goal is to leverage my flexibility as a freelancer to further develop my research skills and continue to refine my expertise on media in daily life. 

Grant Lattanzi

November 2022