Hello hello

My name is Grant Lattanzi. I am an actor and aspiring professor from Colorado Springs, CO. I've made this website to help chronicle my experiences whether they be scholarly, creative, volunteer, personal, or some combination of the four. Have a look around, and please reach out via the 'Contact Me' tab if you want to know more or work together. 


For more detailed information on my current projects, check out my 'Theatre' and 'Research' tabs. I'll give you the fast facts here. Like most people, my daily routine, academic pursuits, and orientation to reality in general have been greatly challenged by the COVID-19 pandemic. I have just finishing my time as an undergraduate at TCU: a wonderful experience that concluded with two months of online classes. 

And so my time as a horned frog is over, but my time as a bulldog is only getting started. This fall, I am moving to Washington DC to begin graduate study at Georgetown University in pursuit of a Master of Arts in Communication, Culture, and Technology. This innovative interdisciplinary program is an excellent fit for me as it encourages problem-centric scholarship and a flexible curriculum that helps individuals bridge theory and real-world problem solving to develop skills and knowledge in accordance with their own interests. While my goal following earning my MA is to enroll in doctoral study, I am open to, and excited about, any other opportunities that may present themselves as I live and learn in our nation's capital.


In the meantime, I am keeping busy calling and Face-Timing friends and relatives, driving for DoorDash, reading all I can, learning to code in Python, and preparing for graduate study in the fall.  

While my future, like all my global brothers and sisters, has far too many missing variables for comfort, I consider myself one of the lucky ones, as I have a plan in place for the near future. Hopefully, the world will be healing and further adapting to cope with the situation by the time I begin graduate study. While I somewhat have a plan, I, like our world's institutions, am trying to remain flexible, compliant, and devoted to lessening the impact of this outbreak on humankind. It is an odd time to graduate college for certain, but I remain grateful for my time at TCU, and I see a bright future on the horizon. 

With gratitude,

Grant Lattanzi

June 10th, 2020